Mobile Physical Therapy Director


Mobile Physical Therapist Assistant

Mobile Therapy is designed to service our patients who are having a difficult time getting to one of our clinics.
Our mobile therapy team comes to you and provides physical therapy in your home. Our goal is to maximize your functional mobility and strength at home so that you can safely return to the community. We will cooperatively design a treatment plan with you to optimize your function.


Mobile Therapy FAQs

What is mobile therapy?
Mobile therapy is the same type of physical therapy you would receive in an outpatient clinic but occurs at home. A member of our mobile therapy team will come to your home to treat your injury/condition.

What areas on Oahu do you travel to?
Our  mobile therapy team serves the Windward area, Waimanalo to Kahaluu.

Will my insurance company cover mobile therapy?
Mobile therapy is covered by most insurance companies. It is billed the same way as regular outpatient therapy. If you are unsure whether we are providers for your insurance company, please call us.

How do I get a referral for mobile therapy?
Obtain a referral from your physician indicating "mobile" therapy. Mobile therapy in your home is billed the same as physical therapy in the clinic.

During the course of my treatment, will I be able to transition from home to the pool or clinic?
One of the main goals is to have the patient transition from mobile therapy to the pool or clinic.