NICE Tribe

The NICE TRIBE is Fukuji & Lum’s well-being program for our workplace ‘Ohana to foster each employee’s ability to flourish in his/her career, financial, physical, social, and community for a fulfilling, enriched, healthy, and long life! It iincorporates concepts from the Blue Zones project and is a combination of the power 9 aspects and 5 areas of well-being. TRIBE is what we want for our company, individually and collectively.


Thrive - Strive to thrive with continuous self-growth! Challenge yourself in a meaningful, and rewarding career as it relates to a huge aspect of your identity.


Rejuvenate - As important as it is to embrace the hustle of everyday life, it is equally as important to set time aside to rejuvenate. Major age-related diseases are all associated with chronic inflammation, which can be exacerbated by chronic stress. Take some time, every day, to ‘downshift’, whether that means meditating, enjoying family time, happy hour, or heading to the beach; whatever it means to you.


Invest - Invest in yourself by incorporating a well balanced diet, physical exercise and activity into your daily life. Invest in your future by effectively managing your financial life for you and your family. Invest in your family, friends and co-workers by spending time together.


Belong - Embrace the strong relationships and love you share with your family members, friends, as well as your local and/or faith-based community.


Engage, Experience, and Enjoy! - Take a moment to determine how well you are flourishing in all aspects of your life, set long and short term goals and engage in fun and gratifying ways to improve your career, financial, physical, social, and community well-being while making great memories along the way! Enjoy the journey.