Aquatic Physical Therapy Director

Splash into full body relief. Soak up joint stability. Let stress float away. Fukuji & Lum's special Aquatic Physical Therapy program offers an alternative to land based therapy and helps patients improve their balance, strength, and flexibility through therapeutic exercise in the water. Come float with us!


Aquatic Physical Therapy FAQs

Is the pool heated?
Yes. The YWCA pool is heated (86-88 degrees), providing patients with a comfortable experience.

Do I need to know how to swim to begin aquatic physical therapy?
No, non-swimmers are welcome!  Your physical therapist will work with you in the water within your comfort level as most exercises are done in an upright position.

I need help getting in and out of the water. Do you have a chairlift available for pool access?
Yes. The pool does have a chairlift for patients who need assistance entering and exiting the pool.

What other procedures do you perform during Aquatic Physical Therapy treatment?
We can also provide Kinesiotaping and negative pressure (cupping) provided by trained Physical Therapists.

How long have you been providing Aquatic Physical Therapy?
Fukuji & Lum has been providing aquatic therapeutic care to the Windward community since 2000.

Will my insurance company cover aquatic physical therapy?
Aquatic physical therapy is covered by most insurance companies.
If you are unsure whether we are providers for your insurance company, please call us.

Can I continue therapy once my treatments are finished?
Upon completion of aquatic physical therapy treatment, patients have an option to join our APEX Program to continue their aquatic exercises.