• Therapy-based exercise program to improve strength, endurance, flexibility, motor control and cardiopulmonary function.
  • Focus is on physical conditioning in preparation for work hardening.


  • Structured, goal-oriented individualized treatment program designed to return the patient back to work using real or simulated work activities.
  • Restores physical capacity, behavioral and vocational functions.

How long is a work hardening session? How long will I expect to be in the program?

Each session may last up to 4 hours a day, for up to 5 days a week.

Will my insurance company cover a Work Hardening or Conditioning Program?

When our office receives a prescription (referral) for work hardening/conditioning from your physician, we will submit it for approval to your Worker’s Comp Insurance Company.

You must be pre-approved by the insurance company to participate in these programs. See our Health Insurance Coverage section. If you are unsure whether we are providers for your insurance company, please call us.

Fukuji & Lum’s Work Hardening & Conditioning Programs are offered at the Windward Occupational Rehab Center (W.O.R.C.) in Kaneohe.

F.C.E. (Functional Capacity Evaluation) TESTING

  • An FCE is a comprehensive physical exam of high validity and reliability to determine a person’s functional abilities as it pertains to a specific job description.
  • F&L uses the ErgoScience Physical Work Performance Evaluation (PWPE™), a protocol that emphasizes standardization, objectivity, reliability and validity in clinical measurement, was created. It was peer-reviewed and accepted for publication in the
  • The ErgoScience FCE supports quick and effective return-to-work, case resolution, vocational assessment, and disability determination so that you can assure your employer and insurance clients that they are making the best decision for the employee and their organization.
  • It's unique, featuring:
    • A validated scoring system.
    • Research-based extrapolations of work capacity to 8-hour day/40-hour week.
    • Research published in occupational medicine journals.
    • Comprehensive research
    • A proven track record of defensibility


F.C.E. Specialist


F.C.E. Specialist

What is the purpose of a F.C.E.?

The purpose of the F.C.E. is to collect information about the functional limitations of a person with medical impairments. It is a valuable tool to assess a patient’s recovery, determine treatment goals and assist in returning an injured worker back to gainful employment. It provides objectivity to subjective reports and combines assessments to assess behavior as related to function.

Are F.C.E.s covered by insurance?

A F.C.E is only covered by Workers’ Compensation as they are not part of the benefits package provided by private insurance carriers. If you are not a workers’ compensation patient and need an FCE, please contact us for additional details and payment options.