Pelvic Health Program

This program provides physical therapy to those who experience pelvic floor dysfunctions or conditions. 

Our certified pelvic health therapists focus on a “Whole Person” approach, utilizing principles of physical therapy to provide a structured, effective and safe reconditioning to pelvic floor muscles. 

The ultimate goal is to improve strength and function of the pelvic floor muscles to alleviate pain, weakness, or dysfunction. This aspect of pelvic health therapy can be translated across many conditions, improve quality of life and return individuals to their normal daily activities.

During the course of their treatment our therapists will also help patients to increase their confidence in performing daily functional activities without fear of incontinence and debilitating pelvic pain symptoms.



Pelvic Health Director


Certified Pelvic Physical Therapist

Pelvic Health FAQs

What do I need to bring to my first visit?
Please bring your ID and insurance card, make sure you fill out all of the online forms, and wear comfortable clothes. See our New Patient page for more details.
Can I talk with the PT before making an appointment?
Of course, please call our clinic at 9808 261-4321 to reach your Physical Therapist.
How do I get a referral for pelvic floor therapy?
For most insurances, you will need to get a referral from your doctor. If you have specific concerns that you think are pelvic floor related, ask your doctor if you think our pelvic health program would be right for you!
What can I expect during a typical visit?
At your first appointment, you will provide the Physical Therapist with information regarding your symptoms and functional limitations. This will allow your Pelvic Health PT to create a comprehensive treatment plan for you.
External and Internal examinations may be included in the initial examination, but will be based on your current condition and medical history.
Are internal exams a part of the program?
The Pelvic Health PT may need to perform an internal examination to evaluate pelvic floor muscle strength and tone and to evaluate any changes to external/internal structures.
A consent form will need to be signed prior to any internal examination taking place.
We want to create an open and safe space for all our patients and will support the patient in any decision they make regarding internal examinations.
Patients always have the option to decline an internal examination at any time during an appointment.
At what location will I be seen?
There is a pelvic health therapist at our Kaneohe, WORC, and Kailua locations.