Massage Therapy

For "Every" Body

At Fukuji & Lum, our licensed massage therapists provide therapeutic massage and bodywork to our clients by using a variety of massage techniques such as myofascial release, trigger point & acupressure, reflexology and sports massage.

Come on in for some relaxation or rejuvenation at our Kailua Clinic and Windward Occupational Rehab Center (W.O.R.C.)

Lallie Sinay, P.T.A., L.M.T.
Specializing in Medical Massage and Certified in:
Geriatric Massage
Pregnancy & Infant Massage
Cranial Bodywork

Ross Suyemura, P.T.A., L.M.T.
Certified in Structural Medicine and
Specializing in:
Therapeutic Massage & Injury Rehab
Myofascial Release
Deep Tissue Massage
Posture & Alignment

Lisa Yamasaki, L.M.T.
Specializing in Medical Massage and Certified in:
Myofascial Release
Deep Tissue Massage
Hand/Foot Reflexologyy and Acupressure

Benefits of Massage Therapy
        • Relieves Pain
        • Improves Circulation
        • Improves Mobility & Flexibility
        • Alleviates Stress & Anxiety
        • Releases tight muscles from overuse
        • Improves Posture Imbalances & Coordination

Massage Therapy FAQs

Will my insurance company cover massage therapy?
Some health insurance companies and most no-fault and worker’s compensation insurances cover massage therapy services. Please verify any massage therapy benefits with your insurance company before making an appointment.
If you are unsure whether we are providers for your insurance company, please call us.

Do I need a prescription from a physician to get a massage at your clinic?
1. If you are paying cash for the massage, then you DO NOT need a prescription from a physician.

2. If your insurance is paying for the massage, then you DO need a prescription from a physician.

I currently attend physical therapy at your clinic. Can I receive massage therapy treatments at the same time?
Please talk with your physical therapist. Massage therapy can be a great complement to your physical therapy treatments.