By Mark Yanai

Family Fun Day at the Beach

Honeymoon Beach Wide

F&L Summer Fun

F&L celebrated the end of summer with a “Family Fun Day” at Honeymoon Beach located on Hickam Air Force Base. The company shut down production for an entire day so that staff members and their families could gather together on a private beach for some summer fun. We pride ourselves on putting family values at the top of our list of priorities and this was a great example of our company commitment to the staff.

Very few locals know of Honeymoon Beach. It was created in the 1960s when the U.S. Air Force created an ocean recreational complex on the shore of Hickam A.F.B. Completed in 1965, it included a small beach harbor and two beaches which were excavated out of surrounding coral flats. Sand was brought in from other military installations on Oahu and constructed through a self-help program with the assistance of Hickam’s civil engineers and Kaneohe marines.

Use of the beach is restricted to active and retired military personnel, their dependents and guests. It was given it’s name because it is separate from Hickam Beach Park and isolated in a cove. It’s unique in that it is adjacent to the airport runway and commercial planes pass by frequently on their way to the takeoff runway.


Our Culture Club, volunteer staff members from each of our clinics who take on the role of nurturing our company values, organized this year’s first annual Family Fun Day. The club wanted to create an annual event that would give staff members and their families the opportunity to come together as one big ohana.

Honeymoon beach made for a perfect venue as the F&L ohana was able to enjoy, relax and fellowship with one another. It was a beautiful day, filled with good food, lots of sun and fun beach games. Hopefully, Family Fun Day will be an event that we can all look forward to attending each year.

Here are some of the special moments captured at the beach.









By Mark Yanai

Company Retreat 2015

For the past three years, F&L has held a company retreat to celebrate its staff and culture. Owners, Art and Randy, usually dedicate an entire afternoon for all staff to “retreat”  from work and gather together for some culture-based fun.



Our most recent retreat was held on April 24th at the Kokokahi YWCA in Kaneohe. Our Culture Club, a group of volunteer employees that serve as a sounding board for the organization, planned everything from the food to the fun. After a sandwich and salad bar lunch, we introduced new employees, recognized significant achievements, and took a look at our mission, vision and values – past, present and future.

Included in our activities were interactive group bonding games of kite building, golf ball dropping and relay racing. Everything was done with our Values in mind: Nurturing Relationships, Integrity, Contribution, and Embracing Change and Encouraging Growth.

IMG_3029 IMG_3037


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Back in 2012, an organization called Delivering Happiness coached us to focus on the company’s Mission Statement, Core Values and Higher Purpose. As a group, we used what inspired us most to come up with a new mission statement with improved values. It was this workshop that turned us into  a values-based organization, using our company culture to delivering fun and happiness to our patients and community.

Since then, we’ve had an annual “Delivering Happiness” retreat that reminds us of our new mission and values and teaches us how we can live them each day. We practice gratitude in our culture and hope that it will renew our commitment to our patients to deliver the best care possible.