Caregiver Workshop #1 – Caregiver Safety Tips

Many family members in Hawaii are now assuming the role of caregiver for their loved one. They are often burdened by the overwhelming responsibilities of care giving and many times forget about taking care of themselves.

Here at F&L, our therapists have seen an increasing number of patients being treated for injuries they obtained when caring for a loved one. We saw a need to equip our patients and their families with the tools needed to safely carry out the tasks involved in caregiving and decided to host a series of workshops.

In February, our Kailua therapists hosted their first workshop for caregivers and families on Caregiver Safety Tips on Feb. 15th and included training on the following:

1. Safe Mobility – ambulation (and with assistive devices)
2. Proper Techniques for Transfers (bed, bath, car, chair)
3. Fall prevention
Our workshop attendees were pleased with the knowledge gained, and were eager to begin utilizing their newly learned skills.  We plan to continue our workshops on a quarterly basis, please stay tuned for more details.
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The role of the caregiver has recently been in the media, with the recent Star Advertiser article regarding caregiver support legislation.  Senate Bill 2264 serves to support and recognize the role of the caregiver.

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