Meet Our Northeastern University Co-Op, Samantha!

It's a new year and a new semester in Hawaii for Northeastern students who come every six months to work with our therapists and learn about the physical therapy profession. This semester we are fortunate to have seven Coop students (6 physical therapy majors,1 Health Science major) on staff.

Let's meet Samantha, our Coop student at the Kailua clinic.

What school did you attend in high school and what's your current college?
I attended Fourways High School, a public school in South Africa and then moved to Boston for college. I currently study Physical Therapy at Northeastern University.

What drew you to physical therapy?
Being an active child involved in lots of sports sometimes resulted in injuries which ultimately led me to Physical Therapy. I had a great relationship with my PT and always looked forward to my appointments. I learnt more about the profession through being a patient and was motivated by my therapist to keep up with my rehab. I love to keep active and busy and have always had an interest in human anatomy and movement so Physical Therapy seemed to be the perfect fit! Through my observations in the field and classes to date, I continue to believe that PT will be a very fulfilling profession to enter.

Why did you want to do your co-op in Hawaii?
That magic of Aloha made its way to Boston and the thought of being able to come to Hawaii captured me from the moment I heard of this incredible opportunity. The stories told by previous co-ops about crystal clear waters, movie-like jungle hikes and welcoming, friendly co-workers were hard to forget. Through information sessions about Fukuji + Lum, I found out about their unique model on patient care and how their patients and co-workers became their Ohana. I was intrigued.  Skipping the Boston winter was an added benefit!

What has been your experience like so far?
Every experience I have had since coming to the island has been one for the books! My roommates and I never miss an opportunity to attempt a new hike, find a hidden beach or explore any and every town we come across. There has not been a dull moment since we arrived two months ago.

What's the strangest thing that you've eaten since arriving?
The strangest thing I have eaten here is SPAM! I am glad I tried it for the full Hawaiian experience, but I think I will be leaving that to the locals from now on.

What is on your to do list while here?
I would love to leave the island being able to catch more than 1-wave a day on a surfboard! I need to put in more hours than I have currently been doing to achieve this goal though. I am also looking forward to swimming with sharks soon.

What kind of therapist do you hope to be?
In the near future, I hope to be the kind of the therapist that is interested in my patients as more than just an injury. I hope to use the model that I have learnt at Fukuji & Lum to try to understand my patient as a whole – from understanding what they are going through personally to looking at all their body systems and movement patterns regardless of what they feel is the only issue.

Who is your greatest influence in your life?
My parents are my biggest role models and have the most influence on my life. They are supportive of all my decisions and inspire me to put effort and passion into all I do. They have molded me into the person I am today and I am inspired daily to make them proud.