My Co-Op Experience by Jessica C.


Working as a co-op student at Fukuji and Lum Physical Therapy was a once in a lifetime experience.  This co-op provided two very unique and meaningful opportunities: the opportunity to explore Hawaii and the opportunity to learn about physical therapy and the Fukuji and Lum Company.

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Hawaii has an exceptional culture and is home to some of the most breath-taking sites, interesting foods and friendly people in the world. I quickly learned that Fukuji and Lum also has a culture all its own and is far more than a company.  Instead, F&L is a family by nearly every definition of the word.  I will be lucky and hard-pressed to find another company with the level of professionalism, teamwork and genuine compassion that I saw at F&L.  As a student and employee, I was challenged daily to work directly with patients and to think critically about the purpose of chosen interventions and therapeutic exercises. However, in addition to building on my technical skills as a future physical therapist, I learned the importance of empathy and compassion in the making of truly effective patient interactions.


Of the many things I learned in this experience, the true meaning of family and the Aloha spirit are among those that I will cherish forever. The overwhelming kindness and friendly nature of both F&L patients and co-workers alike, are qualities that I will continually strive to embody as both an individual and physical therapy professional.  This co-op program was far more than an educational experience for me; it was an opportunity for great personal and professional growth. After just 6 months, I left Hawaii a more independent, confident person, a more knowledgeable, prepared future PT, and a part of a wonderful new family.  For all of those things, I am truly and eternally grateful.


Jessica, Northeastern University Co-op Student