Recertified and Upgraded CPR



Every two years, F&L goes through the process of getting our staff re-certified in administering CPR. This year, we gathered at our WORC site to learn the latest CPR/AED techniques from the AED Institute.

Aaron Hepps, HM1/USN(Ret.), was our main instructor and did an outstanding job! Assisting him was Morgan Hawley. What has changed since our last class a couple of years ago? First off, a lot of the ratios that were important in previous versions were removed. We didn’t have to memorize the different compression to breath ratios because rescue breathing is no longer required. Also, no more finger swiping for choking babies!


We also learned of a couple of apps that are useful when necessary. Pulse Point is a phone app that not only lets you know where the closest public AED is, but alerts other users that assistance is needed. Another useful app is ICE, which keeps emergency information about yourself that responders can look at if the user is unresponsive. The ICE app is being used by many first responders and can give useful information like blood type, medical conditions, medications and emergency contacts.

2014_02_2014_0221_pulsepoint   PulsePoint Application screenshot. (PRNewsFoto/El Camino Hospital)

1-ICE iphone-medical-id-setup

When the class was done, we had a little birthday celebration for Joy and Deb, our Mobile team! Also, thanks to Janie, the clinic was decorated with balloons and streamers for the lucky ladies.



We hope that we never have to use CPR, but thanks to the AED Institute, we’ll be ready for any emergency situation! Thanks Aaron & Morgan! If you need more information regarding getting certified in CPR or AED, please contact Aaron at 808.440.8988 or email him at You can visit their websites at and