The New PT Student Co-Ops are Here! Meet Cody Gilliss (Part 1)

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For the past 7 years, F&L has been in partnership with Northeastern University’s Physical Therapy Cooperative Education Program. Twice a year our organization accepts outstanding NU physical therapy students as full-time employees and gives them the opportunity to gain valuable work experience in an outpatient orthopedic clinical setting. These students primarily assist our highly qualified physical therapists with outpatient care at our clinic locations in Honolulu and Windward Oahu, including the outdoor heated pool at the Kokokahi YWCA. The journey to Hawaii will offer students tremendous life-changing experiences as they strive to balance work, play and new discoveries during their 6-month employment.

We start this year with three excellent Co-Op students: Cody, Sarah, and Teagan, who will be working at various F&L clinics. They will be featured in the next few blog posts.


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Cody Gilliss, a 4th year student in Northeastern’s Physical Therapy program, decided to head out to the islands for his final Co-Op experience before he graduates. He is currently working with our therapists at the WORC location. We asked how his experience has been so far and here’s what he had to say!


What school did you attend in high school and what’s your current college?

I attended Manchester-Essex Regional HS in Manchester, MA. I currently attend Northeastern University in Boston, MA. 

What drew you to study physical therapy and become a physical therapist?

After a great experience as a physical therapy patient myself several years ago, I realized what a rewarding and fun profession it is. It’s a great way for me to help others get back on their feet and back to what they love doing, whether it be their own jobs, extracurricular activities, or spending time with their family and loved ones. 

Why did you want to do your Northeastern Co-Op in Hawaii?

I really wanted a cultural and professional experience completely different than what I experience back in Boston. F&L is cutting-edge and has a way of treating patients that is not only effective, but unique and exciting for me to learn.

What has your Oahu experience been like so far?

My experience here on O’ahu has been fantastic. So far, I’ve been hiking (Olomana), sight-seeing the North Shore, and I also got to spend some time in town around the Ala Moana and Waikiki area.



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What’s the strangest thing that you’ve eaten since arriving?

Nothing too crazy. Although it’s not strange, Ahi poke bowls are 110% my new favorite food. After my first bite I knew that I’ll miss them once it’s time to leave!

What is on your to do list while here in the islands?

Surfing, learning about the Hawaiian culture, more hiking, and relaxing after a busy year at school.

What are your interests outside of school and work?

I grew up on the ocean back home, so anything related to the water. Surfing, beach, fishing, spending time on boats. I also spend a lot of my time around the gym as well.

What kind of therapist do you hope to be?

I hope to be a very well-rounded and well-educated therapist some day. I believe it is very important to be always educating myself about my profession even after I graduate. My professional journey has only begun as a student, but I know my time here in Hawai’i is a great stepping stone towards my professional future.

Who is your greatest influence in your life?

My parents are by far my greatest influence in life. They motivate me every day to experience as much as I possibly can every day . They’re my #1 support system and I am truly grateful for everything they have done to get me where I am today.


We welcome Cody to the F&L Ohana and look forward to his stay with us for the next 6 months! 
Next blog post: Meet Teagan!