By Mark Yanai

The New Co Ops Are Here! Meet Sarah! (Part 3)


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Sarah Agustin is our third Co-op from NEU who joined F&L this January.  She is a graduate student in the physical therapy program and will soon graduate later this year. Sarah is also our very first student who is “homegrown” right here in the islands from the Nuuanu area.

Here’s a little bit about Sarah and her perspective of what it feels like to be from Hawaii and going away to the mainland for school.

What school did you attend in high school and what’s your current college?

I was born and raised in Honolulu and graduated from Iolani School in 2008. I completed my undergraduate degree at Concordia University in Irvine, CA majoring in Athletic Training. I am currently a Post-Baccalaureate of Physical Therapy at Northeastern University.

What drew you to physical therapy?

Being in the athletic training program I had the opportunity to shadow several physical therapists and see the impact they made on athletes’ lives. Seeing the process from acute care to post op, I knew this was my niche. 

Why did you want to do your Northeastern Co-op in Hawaii?

Being from Hawaii I wanted to find a way to return to the islands to give back to the community. F&L offered a wide variety of therapy services that i could learn from which will allow me to build a better foundation.

What has your experience been like so far?

I was excited to return home after being away for a year to enjoy warm weather, ono grinds, and family and friends. I am excited to show the Co-op students what Hawaii has to offer.

What have you missed about Hawaii that you realized being away for college?

Being away for college I realized how lucky I was to live in Hawaii. I really missed the variety of foods and the Aloha spirit. I missed being able to wear my “rubbah slippahs” daily and not worry about the weather today, tomorrow or the next day.

What was the first thing that you were looking forward to eating when you came home?

Right off the plane my first stop was Nimitz BBQ for meat jun packed with a variety of Korean vegetables.  Over the next several weeks I enjoyed Grandma’s Filipino food, Poke bowls, and Helena’s Hawaiian food.

Nimitz BBq Helenas-Kitchen-James-Okemura

Being the first Co-op from NEU to return to Hawaii at F&L, what are you hoping to find out about the experience?

During the first month at F&L I have witnessed a variety of skills and extensive knowledge throughout the staff.  I am hoping to gain a better understanding of each of their specialties and how I can apply it to my future career. Such as: Graston techniques, manual therapy, and aquatics.

What’s been unique about F&L from your other experience in physical therapy clinics?

F&L is unique in that they focus on creating relationships not only between their employees but also with their patients. I really value that F&L embraces change, encourages growth, and challenges me to grow in my profession.

What is on your to do list while here in the Islands?

On my bucket list is to do many different hikes but most of all tackling Kalalau on Kauai.  I also want to leave this Co-op experience with a better understanding of our profession.

What are your interests outside of school and work?

I love hiking, going to the beach, and spending quality time with my Ohana. I also love staying active and seeking new adventures.
What kind of therapist do you hope to be?

I hope to be a therapist that has a vast understanding of various modes of physical therapy techniques. I have an interest in specializing in hand therapy and prosthetics.

Who is your greatest influence in your life?

My greatest influence is my parents who have instilled the importance of a good work ethic. They have encouraged me to set high goals and to never give up.

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By Mark Yanai

Happy New Year!



As we ring in the New Year and recover from the holiday festivities, I look back at what was accomplished in 2014 in gratitude. This past year was a banner year for F&L with many blessings bestowed on our organization.


– Our Nuuanu Clinic closed after 13 years of operation at the Pali Medical Arts Building and moved to two locations at Kuakini Plaza and Tower.

Honolulu Clinic Flyer      IMG_4995

– Our Kaneohe clinic closed after 15 years of operation on the corner of Kam Highway and Pua Inia St. and moved to join our Aquatic and WORC sites at the Kokokahi YWCA.

kan10      kaneohe2   


– In celebration of WORC’s first anniversary, we held an Open House at the Kokokahi site for the medical community in Worker’s Compensation to show them our facility and the services we offer.

WORC1  TRX2 (1)

– A weekly WOD (work out of the day) at our WORC site for anyone who wants to learn new exercises, break a sweat, challenge themselves and have some fun!


– A Caregiver Workshop at our Kailua clinic gave tips and instructions to teach families how to provide safe and careful ways to assist loved ones.


IMG_4976  IMG_4994

– Our Mobile Therapy Program started in October to address a needed area of physical therapy for those who have difficulty with an outpatient clinical setting. More on this on my next blog!


– We continued our relationship with Northeastern University in Boston with our Co-Op Program with three outstanding students in Jessica, Ariel and Melissa. See our previous blogs for their experiences.

– This year we hosted more than 20 students from around the nation including Pacific University, Washington University, AT Still University, Loma Linda University, Montana University, and Northeastern University. We continue to have a strong commitment to Kapiolani Community College and their PT Assistant program as we provide clinical instruction for their students.

volunteer 2014 copy

– F&L hosted two NAIOMT courses this year and continued our intention to become a training site for mentorship of NAIOMT professionals.

– We are now certified providers in Graston Technique and FMS Assessments.


– As a Value-Based Organization, we continue to be involved in community activities such as the Arthritis Walk, School Supply and Food Drives, and Susan G. Komen Race.

photo(2)                                  IMG_5468

– Hope you were able to get your car cleaned at our annual FREE car wash! We appreciate the community’s support of our organization throughout the years!



– Keep up with our monthly craziness at F&L! Check out and like our Disney-themed Physical Therapy Month on our FACEBOOK page. Click here.

– INSTAGRAM! Follow us on our new site to keep up with what’s new at F&L. Username: @fukujiandlum

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We look forward to the new year and continuing to love and serve our community in 2015!

By Deb Matsuura


Throughout the month of October, Fukuji and Lum staff members showed off their Physical Therapy Month spirit by dressing up “Disney” style each week. From Lion King Day (animal print), Monster U (college spirit), Mad Hatter Day (crazy hats) and  Tweedle Dee and Dum Day (twins), Disney Adventure Day (Disney characters). Check out our FB or IG @fukujiandlum page for more Disney Halloween photos.

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By Deb Matsuura

Caregiver Workshop #1 – Caregiver Safety Tips

Many family members in Hawaii are now assuming the role of caregiver for their loved one. They are often burdened by the overwhelming responsibilities of care giving and many times forget about taking care of themselves.

Here at F&L, our therapists have seen an increasing number of patients being treated for injuries they obtained when caring for a loved one. We saw a need to equip our patients and their families with the tools needed to safely carry out the tasks involved in caregiving and decided to host a series of workshops.

In February, our Kailua therapists hosted their first workshop for caregivers and families on Caregiver Safety Tips on Feb. 15th and included training on the following:

1. Safe Mobility – ambulation (and with assistive devices)
2. Proper Techniques for Transfers (bed, bath, car, chair)
3. Fall prevention
Our workshop attendees were pleased with the knowledge gained, and were eager to begin utilizing their newly learned skills.  We plan to continue our workshops on a quarterly basis, please stay tuned for more details.
IMG_4972 IMG_4976IMG_4994

The role of the caregiver has recently been in the media, with the recent Star Advertiser article regarding caregiver support legislation.  Senate Bill 2264 serves to support and recognize the role of the caregiver.